The periodic inspection report

We produce periodic inspection reports for our clients. The report is produced after your wiring, circuits and equipment have had electrical inspection and testing. It will be a thorough assessment of your premises and will highlight any issues that need resolving.

Who needs periodic electrical inspection?

Any non domestic premises are required to have the relevant electrical inspection and testing. The intervals are between one and five years, depending on the sort of business use. In a building open to the public it is required annually. A periodic inspection report is a requirement needed to fulfil many commercial purposes by law and so is needed for most landlords, mortgage providers, licensing authorities, public bodies and insurance companies.

Periodic testing regulations

IEE electrical wiring regulations are set down by the Institution of Engineering and Technology. They are the UK standard to which all industrial and domestic wiring must conform. The 17th edition (BS7671) requires that periodic inspections and testing of electrical installations are carried out at such intervals as are consistent with the type of installation, its use and operation, the frequency of maintenance, and the external influences upon it.

What will the periodic electrical inspection cover?

An electrical installation periodic inspection test shall reveal the age, state of your wiring and equipment. It will investigate whether your electrical circuits or equipment are overloaded. The inspection with identify broken, faulty, non compliant or incorrect DIY work.  It will also highlight one very important factor of the regulations which is lack of protective earthing and bonding. It will bring to attention any circuits that need to be served by R.C.D (Residual Current Device) protection.

Acting upon the report

After the electrical inspection and testing the periodic inspection report is produced. It will be either satisfactory or unsatisfactory. If the report is unsatisfactory this means that the insurance policy for the domestic or commecial household or office base business may be invalid, and remedial work is required to make the installation safe or conform to up to date regulations. The unsatisfactory report would list observations and recommendations which would state where the departures from regulations BS7671. Adjacent to this list are coded numbers to indicate the urgency of the action given.

Codes you may see in the report

  • Code 1 Requires urgent action
  • Code 2 Requires improvement
  • Code 3 Requires further investigation
  • Code 4 Does not comply with BS7671

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